Knock Down Rebuild (KDR)

In a knock down rebuild, we take an existing house, clear the house and the land and build your brand new home from scratch

What is a knock down rebuild?

A viable option to selling your family home and building a new one on another block is to knock down & rebuild on your existing block.

There are many advantages to the KDR:

  • You get to stay in your neighbourhood
  • The kids don’t need to move school & leave their friends
  • You don’t have to sacrifice your spacious block of land for a tiny block suburbs away
  • Provide more space for your growing family
  • Maximise energy efficiency
  • Save money – NO stamp duty

Where do I start?

The thought of a knock down rebuilt may seem daunting at the beginning. Here are our tips for getting started:

  • Get some idea of your budget from your lending authority, by the way of pre-approval
  • Speak to one of our consultants to discuss your budget and what is achievable within the budget
  • Our consultants will do a site visit to get an understanding of the site and offer advice
  • There are some reports that are needed not only for accurate estimating but also for lodgement with your Development Application (DA). These reports are a soil test and contour survey with the adjoining block information (your consultant will explain)
  • Now we are in a position to give you an accurate estimate of the cost to re-build, based on size and a standard inclusions list.
  • If you are happy with the estimated price, the next step is to pay your design fee and sit down with the architect to begin the design of your new home.
  • Once the design is finalised, our qualified professional estimators will contact you to discuss your design inclusions and any additions or deletions you may want to add into your initial proposal
  • Our estimating team will. If needed, produce a revised proposal based on your feedback from the original proposal to arrive at the document that will be used to produce your building contract.

    By this time you will also have made all of your selections that will be included into your building contract before you sign up. At Regal Homes, we prefer to take a little longer in the planning stage to ensure the construction phase goes smoothly.
  • Accept your proposal and proceed to working drawings and contract. (your consultant will advise about this at the very beginning of the procedure)
  • Next, you sign your building contract and we will send it to your lender for formal finance approval.
  • Once finance has been approved, it is time to pay the deposit and Regal Homes will lodge your plans for approval.

Knock Down Rebuild Vs Renovation

Renovations are usually the first thought families have when deciding to refresh their home. Though it may seem like a great idea, there are a few reasons why you would pick a knock down rebuild over a renovation.

Start your design from scratch. Most people had no say in the current layout and design of their home. Wouldn't it be great if you could wipe the slate clean and start again? A Knock down rebuild gives you the freedom to design a home around your current lifestyle.

Your new home can incorporate the newest design styles and the latest in environmental responsive technology.

Sounds Great! Where do I start?

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